Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Puppy Diaries: Excitement on a Sunday Afternoon

Last Sunday afternoon, my female human took me out for a brief walk... The usual... Up the driveway to the right along the road. No new scents around, pretty boring... Why am I the only dog that ever gets to walk around here? At least Cassanova is out in the yard. I would like to play with him so much and I always get so excited whenever I see him, but my humans just never let me go to play. I think he likes me too. We turned around at the stop sign and on our way back we met this older gentleman dog that always walks the neighborhood on his own. How free must he feel? My human lets me greet him but the old guy is grumpy all the time and never wants to play. Back at the house I am thirsty and there is my dish and there is still water in it. Jackpot! My human takes off the leash and lets me drink while she already walks into the house doing something... I want to see what she's doing, but I need to drink first... Hmmm? What was that? Is the old guy in our yard now? Should I drink or try to play with my human or check on old grumpy? Okay... Gotta run, human. Catch you later!!

It really was him in the yard and he leaves his marks everywhere... I gotta check this out and over here... Oh boy... My human is following me, why is she shouting my name? I just want to sniff around here and play. Where is old grumpy anyways? AHHHHH... Over there... He maybe decides to play, if I am following him a bit. Why does my human sound so frustrated? Oh! Cassanova is still in the yard and I am off the leash, so I finally can go over to him and say hi.

He plays pretty rough and chases me a lot. My human is also in the yard now, so are his'. Why is everyone so excited? Hmmmm.... this is getting a little tough for me and I think I just run over to my human now and let her pet me a little. My human grabs me by the collar and then Cassanova, my human's hands and I are one ball wrestling around. This is getting a little too much for me now and I feel dizzy, I think I just plop on my back and surrender. Cassanova's humans pull him away from me... I am still a little dizzy, but nothing hurts... I just want to lay here a little. Then I hear my human talking to me. I think she wants me to get up and go home, but I really want to relax some now. She is pretty persistent about it and I wonder why? She finally just rolls me over to my side and props me up on my feet. Oh well, I would have liked to relax some more, but at least I didn't have to get up on my own. She has me on the collar and I follow her...

This has been pretty exciting and I need a nap now.

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