Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Pretty Thursday

1. Even though it's Thursday, it's actually Friday for me... I will be off tomorrow. Terry is taking me on a hiking trip for my birthday. The itinerary is not completely finalized yet, but most likely, will have Grandfather Mountain and Mount Mitchell in it. Hopefully the weather holds up.

2. I really had a good birthday. The phone didn't stop ringing, I got tons of text messages and e-mails and I got a birthday card from my parents (via snail mail ;-). It really means the world to me, that people still check in on me on my birthday after I have been gone for so many years.

THANK YOU and DANKESCH├ľN to everyone that thought of me.

3. I wish people would leave their swine flu at home. Newsflash: The world doesn't end, only because you miss a day or two at work.

4. Sabotage is the name of the game. Last night I skipped my run because I just felt tired and wiped out. But I set the alarm in order to do a strength class this morning. Come to find out this morning, that I set the alarm on 5:45AM exactly when the class starts. Harmless mistake or do I sub-consciously sabotage myself? Will I really end up having two rest days in a row?? NEWSFLASH: The world doesn't come to an end, if you miss a day or two of workouts.

5. Dogs dream too! Karma must have had a very exciting dream last night... Maybe she was chasing a squirrel or something... She woke me up and it took me a little to realize that she wasn't in pain, but rather squeaking with excitement! I never heard a dog squeak... I wonder, if we have a swine flu thing going on here? Just kidding.

6. Have you already heard about dogbook? I am torn on this topic... NOT! I am busy enough keeping up with my own facebook page.

7. Can someone please explain to me, why meat is more expensive here than vegetables? I tried to do a little research on the topic, but didn't get very far. Can it really be the case that the government subsidies are the whole reason for it? Is it that simple?

Source: PCRM Article

8. Why is this Thursday pretty? Have you looked out of the window today at all? It was clear blue skies and nice temperatures.... Not too hot and not too cold.

9. Can't believe that it's already the first day in October.... The rest of the year will be a blur of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas candy.

10. Speaking of Christmas. I am really looking forward to going to Germany over the holidays and even better is, that Terry is going to join me this year.

11. I wonder if I still remember the Salsa steps... We'll find out tonight!

12. How OCD am I? I am looking for additional random thoughts, because I don't want to end this list on 11.... But what would be a good number to end it with? 12 maybe?? :-)

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