Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm A Marathon Widow

On my commute back from work tonight I had Terry on the phone. I asked him, if he was still planning on doing a run straight after work and he said yes. I was sooooooo close to start complaining about the speed work Monday night, the Basketball game with the kid yesterday and now another late night??? I bit my tongue and told myself that I don't want to be THAT woman and then it clicked... I am a marathon widow... Where can I sign up for the club membership??

Given that I did a run myself tonight, but I was basically done by the time he got off from work. His work schedule makes marathon training tough enough and so I will spare him the bickering about how much time it consumes.... Who knows, I may need the brownie points later when I plan to venture out into a long distance event myself! ;-)

Tonight, I did my last run before the Ache Around The Lake on Saturday. Since I don't expect to be posting a PR anyways, I played with the idea to take the puppy with me to the race. But before I did that, I wanted to try out how she is doing these days with running on the leash. Since we are using the "Gentle Leader Headcollar", things have improved a lot. We did 5 miles with a 10 minute per mile pace... Pretty good, but it sure was a fight at times. She gets tangled up in the leash a lot or when she starts to get bored starts jumping around... I have the scratches on my legs to prove it. So I guess she didn't pass the test and we'll try again later and practice in the meantime. Pace-wise she and I are a pretty good fit, but when she sees other runners in front of her, she just speeds up a lot to try to catch up and then starts pulling me along. Since I don't have the illusion that I won't have any runners in front of me during the race, this would be a real problem.

Other than the puppy stuff, this was a good run. The race is going to have four major hills, so we'll see how things are going. But after the "Trail of Tears" leg of the Blue Ridge Relay, I kinda doubt that anything can shock me anymore. My goal for the run is to post a decent time and enjoy the route which is supposed to be beautiful!

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  1. I'm sure you'll do just fine! And you'll eventually come aorund to longer distances and will use those brownie points.