Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Before Meets After

Last night, I watched Biggest Loser. It's one of my favorite shows and maybe the only show that I really try to follow besides Project Runway. I know it's reality TV, but I like them... Not all of it, but enough to try to follow the seasons. But since I don't have any recording device at my disposal and don't stay at home to watch a show, if there is another activity in sight, I have to rely on reruns a lot of the time. But I digress!

Even after seeing so many seasons already, there is still interesting stuff exercise and nutrition wise that they are talking about.... mixed in with a lot of drama to fill up a two hour show. It also shows what the human body can endure. How many overweight people have you been talking to, that say they can never run because of their knees and because they are too heavy to run. If you have ever talked to me before my weight loss journey, you knew at least one! But those morbidly obese contestants on the show run on the treadmill all the time and they are fine. I guess, if you finally made this decision in your head, when you finally flipped that switch, then you stop making excuses!

If people don't make a conscious decision to change, then a 100K for the at home biggest loser won't be enough of an incentive either. You see very easily if someone stopped making excuses when they show the "after moment" of the contestant that was voted off the ranch. So last night, Dina got voted off and in her after moment she looked GREAT! She stopped making excuses for not working out and not eating right and just did it. I agree it's not easy to work and be a mother/father and so on, but if you want something really bad, you make time for it. And I think getting healthy is something we all should want really bad, because it makes us live longer and it makes us live a happier life...

I have been obese for most of my adult life. I wasn't an unhappy person and I wasn't unhealthy (based on my blood work etc) either, but how I felt inside didn't reflect the person on the outside. So at one point early last year, I decided for myself, that I want to look how I feel with the result that I feel happier and are healthier and look this way now too. Here is my "Before and After":

Since my friends back in Germany don't see me very often in person and some of them choose not to read this blog (no, I'm not mad! ;-) to see the latest pictures, I sometimes get the question on the phone, if I am able to keep off the weight. And that's alright, I wouldn't be the first to put it right back on, but I shared my strategies previously and it seems to work for me, so I am going to stick to them!

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