Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hiking Trip Picture Preview

We are in Marion NC right now. After four hours of hiking/ mountain climbing today, we are currently relaxing in the hotel room... Debating to get out once more to get some ice cream... Nothing is decided yet! :-)

Anyways, the travel report will need a little longer, therefore here a little picture preview.

Friday afternoon somewhere between Asheville NC and Mount Mitchell State Park. Visibility was bad then and got even worse once we started hiking up Mount Mitchell.

View up to the Mile High Bridge on top of Grandfather Mountain from the Bridge Trail Saturday morning. All day it was sunny, warm and very windy.

And we went from hiking to mountain climbing in no time. This is on our way to McCrae peak.

Self-portrait on Grandfather Mountain Trail... After the fifth try, it took both of us holding the camera to make the shot work... Go figure! ;-)

Saturday hike concluded with several great views on Linville Falls.

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