Friday, April 22, 2011

Switching Gears

Once again, Mother Nature threw us a curve ball.


I don't know what happened! The last time I checked the weather forecast before going to bed, it looked pretty good and then.... rain and cold. Well, at least I have more options for a long ride due to the 3-day-weekend, so tomorrow this ride has to happen and so far the weather forecast looks pretty good. Keeping my fingers crossed.

All of a sudden, I had time on my hands... What to do, what to do??? Getting stuff done.

First I called my chiropractor and she was able to squeeze me in and work on my neck. All the miles on the bike, really did a number on my neck lately. After the adjustment, I also did 20 minutes on the hydromassage table and felt like a new person afterward... Unfortunately, that new person feeling has worn off by now.

Next stop was Kohl's and Target... For regular clothes this time, so I had to make a conscious effort to step away from the workout clothes (we already determined, that I have a problem in this area). Unfortunately, I wasn't very successful. But I got the dog a new toy, that she can't figure out... That's another 10 bucks down the drain.

Originally, I had a 5 mile run today anyways, so I headed over to the Y to run on the treadmill. I was a chicken and didn't want to run in the cold and rain. I lasted 2 miles on the treadmill at a 10 minute/mile pace and felt like crap. After that, I headed outside, hoping for a more pleasant experience and did 3 miles at a 9:07 pace. Felt great, despite hills, rain and cold and everything. Funny how that goes sometimes.

And since I still had some time on my hands, I also did a quick easy swim, to shake out the legs.

After running some more errands on my way home, things got very relaxed at home... Just enjoying some free time and rest up for tomorrow's ride.... This time for real - hopefully!!!

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  1. Sounds like a good workout for a rainy day. I hear there are lots of good rides in your area this weekend.

    Glad to hear I am not the only one with a problem buying workout clothes. I'm always lingering in the sports section.