Saturday, April 23, 2011

Long Ride Prep

I originally wrote this post Thursday night for the planned ride on Friday. Since the ride didn't happen yesterday, you'll get this post today instead.

Oh.... And I rode 103 miles today, but that will be a separate post for another day.


Last night, I spend a good chunk of time to get my stuff together... Well, actually getting my stuff together was fairly quick, but cleaning up the mud disaster from last Sunday took me quite some time.

But before, I got into the cleaning action, I first did some good old carbo loading.

Chopping away, like I mean it.
Couscous w/ broccoli, asparagus, onion, marinara sauce and cheese.

 Of course, there was a lot of checking the hourly forecast for today.

After that, the epic task of cleaning the cleats started.

Still dirty, but eventually, I was able to loose the screws and take it apart.
The parts are finally clean.
Squeaky clean.
Testing. Better safe than sorry.

While not as time consuming, I had the hardest time to decide how much food to pack. So, I just packed a good selection of stuff and will have cash on me for water refills and to get salty stuff, once I am sick and tired of all this sweet stuff.

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