Monday, April 4, 2011

Toot Toot!

After having quite an active day with zip lines and stuff the day before, we felt like doing something a little more laid back on Saturday. Enter: The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad.

Four hours of riding a train and enjoy the scenery... Sounds good to me! ;-)

We also met the mother-daughter-team again that was part of our group the day before at the zip-lines... So while Terry was falling asleep by the motions of the train, we girls were japping the time away.

Terry and I went for the roundtrip train ride, the girls got off the train at the turnaround and then did some rafting. More power to them and since they came up from Florida, they wanted to do as much stuff as possible. For us, it's just a two hour car drive, so we are going to do the rafting sometime in the summer.... BRRRRRR.....

In the meantime, please enjoy the views:

Mountains, mountains, mountains everywhere.

That looks like quite the rapid... I wonder if that was part of the rafting tour.

At our stop at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. The Appalacian Trail crosses the Nantahala River at this spot, which prompted another conversation between Terry and I that we would like to do a one week hike on the trail.... We really have to start making plans... I can't remember how long we've been talking about this.

Posing on the train... a must.

Fontana Lake... Still a little low on water.

We both enjoyed the train ride, because it was nice and relaxed and offered some really pretty views... On the downside, I think this is a little pricey for what you get. On the other hand of course, maintaining this railroad costs a boatload of change and the ticket purchase goes into the upkeep of a piece of history.

They do offer different routes and also themed rides, so it's best to check the schedule on the website to figure out, what's going on.

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