Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cycling Tan Galore

This week is pretty busy, so posting is going to be short and simple.

And no, I wasn't driving and taking pictures at the same time... The picture was taken while sitting in the parking lot. And dangling to the right of my face is my little stuffed moose that I moved from car to car since at least ten years.... Yes, I am one of those people.

What may look like funny lightning is indeed a massive cycling tan that I brought upon myself a couple of weeks ago during the Marquis de Sade ride. As always at the beginning of the season, I have this mindset that suntan lotion is completely overrated with the result that I have one good sunburn per season. The redness has faded in the meantime, but now I sport a nice farmer's cyclist's tan. This is especially cute, when I wear tops with sleeves that are shorter than the sleeves of the jersey, that I wore during the ride.... And it was a jersey was fairly long sleeves.... Perfect.

Anywhoo.... This is what I am planning to do to remedy this situation:



  1. I got one too from Marquis and it is just getting darker. I kinda like it, even if it'll look weird when I go to the beach.
    I'm with you that suntan lotion is overrated. It won't last given all the time sweating on the bike. Now that i have a good primer tan, I don't have to worry about burning.

  2. I usually wear sleevless jerseys when riding (thanks to living in FL) so while I don't have to worry about sleeve lines, it seems like only my BACK gets any sun! So my back/shoulderblades are super brown & my front/face/neck is still pale white!

    I'm seriously considering planning my routes so I'm facing into the sun in the early afternoon & getting some color on my front half!