Friday, April 8, 2011

New Toy

My awesome husband surprised me with a new toy: A waterproof camcorder/ camera. It's an early 1st anniversary gift that he didn't want to wait to give me. Well, at least now I am aware that we are giving presents for our anniversary.... I honestly never thought of that.

I brought it to the pool yesterday to play around a little. Lucky me, there was nobody from my regular group in the pool and other than the lifeguard, my goofing around remained unnoticed.

Because I plan on taking this camera with me, wherever I go*, I thought I better start practicing self portraits:

*It's waterproof and looks like it can handle outdoor activites more than my regular point and shoot. I often leave the point and shoot at home on bike rides and stuff, because I am worried for it to get wet and fluke out or break off a part or something... It's also heavier.


Not so much.

Maybe without bubbles next time?

Maybe without looking so...... in pain??

There you go.... Not really focussed but at least in the picture!


  1. Nice! Happy anniversary! I think anniversary gifts are appropriate, but not every year, just the big ones. We have 5 years coming up and will probably do gifts.
    You might try mounting on your helmet to capture rides.

  2. great pics! what a cool gift too. i didn't know you guys were only married 1 year - it feels like i've been reading your blog for longer than that. happy early anniv.