Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring's around the corner...

How to: Take a pic of yourself and still look surprised!
Seriously, spring is just around the corner.

Not only the temps are up, but it's also light outside for longer. Sure, it took me some planning ahead to be able to make the most of the longer daylight... But it was totally worth it... The planning included to have my running stuff packed in the car, leave work on time and run close to work instead of driving to Greenville and waste time and daylight on the interstate.

And yes, I am wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt in Febuary!!!! This is pure awesomeness right there.

The run itself was pretty decent too. I did the run course (4 miles) of the Middle Tyger Tri which has two decents hills (one right around mile 1 and the other one in mile 4). The first two miles were alright and the last two miles were better. I smiled from cheek to cheek for most of the run, just because.


Last year right around this time, I spend a good chunk of each day checking the weather for the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon. There was talk of snow in the week leading up to MB. Around here, I don't belive in snow until I actually see and when it actually starts sticking on the road. Anything before that.... Complete ignorance of the possibility, unless of course, I am a couple of days out to run my first ever half marathon. A race that I actually trained for several months... with a coach and whatnot. We all know, how last year's race ended.... before it even started.

But just for the old times sake....

Sorry for the crappy graphics... Windows Paint is a pain.

It seriously looks like perfect running weather. The race starts at 6.30am which is about two hours too early for my taste. On the other hand the whole group will be done by lunch (we have several running friends to the half and full) and I heard we'll be at Hooters.... From what I understand, some of the G'ville running folks have that tradition going on. Sounds like a plan to me.

While last year, MB half was basically my triple A race, it's "just" another half this year. We signed up for it, because we got it for cheap (35 bucks, if I remember correctly) due to the cancellation of the race. I don't expect much from this race, I really didn't train as specific this year, especially because my focus (Mitchell, Mitchell) is different this time around. I am once again working with Katie as coach, but that is more geared towards Mitchell and the tri season as well.

Also, last year this was supposed to be my very first half and now, it's going to be my fourth..... in less than four months. I am not saying that I am a seasoned halfer now.... But the new car smell is gone a little. What I am looking forward most to, is spending time with our running friends... Cheer my marathoning friends over the finish line and enjoy a couple of adult beverages at the post race party before getting my head back into the game for Mitchell training during the next weeks and months.

So, to wrap this all over the place post up, here is a quote from Marathon Mama's post from yesterday on the "portability" of running.

"When you’re training for longer races, running is portable the way an infant is portable. Sure, you can just pick up and carry a  baby, but all the insane crap you need to keep it happy is a whole nother story."
~ Marathon Mama

I had to laugh when I read this, because I can sometimes still surprise myself by all the things and I have to remember before heading out for a long run... Looking like a cyborg. ;-)))

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  1. Well you can't pass up a $35 half, especially since MB's prices have skyrocketed (from what I paid in '06). I considered signing up again one year until I saw what they were trying to charge and I got heartburn.

    Also, when you check-in at the Y on Facebook at 4am, I read about it 2 hrs later when I wake up and feel like a slacker... Thanks.