Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taking NTC outside!

Last night, I had weights on the schedule. The weather was so beautiful and mild, that I decided to take the Nike Training Club outside on the porch.

Raised Push-ups

Toe Touches

Sumo Squat w/ Lateral Raise - Step 1

Sumo Squat w/ Lateral Raise - Step 2

The best part of the workout was to see the night sky, every time I was doing toe touches or flutter kicks.... The bats on the other hand, sometimes came a little too close for comfort! ;-)

Night Sky - Digitally enhanced for visualization purposes! ;-)

This is something, I really want to keep up when it's nice outside and the mosquitos haven't taken over the yard yet.

Also thinking about doing my yoga like this at least a couple of times out of the month. I discovered an iPhone app (review to follow) that I like so far and found, that I enjoy the solitude while practising yoga. I did yoga videos in the past, but always thought they were boring (maybe the wrong videos) and distracting.... just like having so many people around you in class and the mirrors in the studios can be distracting - at least for me.


  1. There's no way I would have stayed out there with BATS flying around!!! You are one brave soul!

  2. lol i like the digital enhanced photo! i did NTC the other day too. i've had the app for awhile but when my phone reset it also deleted all my data, so now i had to start over and my "milestones" are all reset. boo. but still a good app.

    what yoga one did you get? i have a dvd but i have been thinking lately about getting a new dvd or something. i've been doing this one for like 3-4 years!