Sunday, February 27, 2011

55 Miles! Boo Yah!

Before leaving work Friday afternoon, I mentioned to my co-workers, that I am planning on riding around 50 miles the next day.... The reaction? "50 miles is even a long trip in the car!" ;-)

Because I had a commitment in the morning, I did my ride in the afternoon. Everyone else, of course, already rode earlier that day, so I was on my own. While I was a little worried to ride alone (and Terry being even more worried) in the mountains, I really ended up with a wonderful ride. It certainly helped, that I didn't run into crazy rednecks... Quite the opposite really, people were waiving and saying hi.... I assume, they are used to cyclist on this route.

Here are some pictures from the road:

Once I was back at the house and told Terry, that I did 55 miles.... he responded: "Well, that just a little over half the distance you have to ride for Mt Mitchell!" Thanks babe... Always so supportive! ;-)

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  1. Nice ride!! Glad you were safe. Maybe I will be proactive about buying my new bike so I can ride with you. (aka 10miles behind)