Saturday, February 12, 2011

Surprise Success!!

I did it... I pulled off my first ever surprise party for Terry and he didn't have a clue until we were almost at the table! Yay!!

And despite him saying ten thousand times the next before, that he really looks forward to a low key evening with just the two of us.... He enjoyed himself and I think we all had a great evening.

Everyone just really played along nicely during the week and not leaking anything (!) and one of our friends helped out with getting the balloon and the cake to Wild Wings... Perfect surprise.... SWEET!

Here a couple of pictures:

Here the balloon again, without an old banana in the background.

Presenting the cake to the bday boy.

The crew singing "Happy Birthday"! ;-) Gotta love them!

In other news:

This morning, Terry and I ran the Green Valley 10-miler (race report will follow once the results are posted) and it sure was beautiful out there.... Just really really chilly at the start. My feet were frozen for the first three miles.

I am really sore right now, which is half due to the race and the other half I believe is yesterday morning's yoga class. It's the same soreness that I had last week after the power yoga class and I thought it was due to the fact, that I haven't done any "power" yoga in a while. Well, I was just as sore after yesterday's class and the only thing those two classes had in common is "pigeon pose".

Pic from

"It opens and increases the flexibility of the hips...."

Well and that seems the problem... While I don't feel that I am overdoing it during practice, having sore hips and buns two weeks in a row most likely due to pigeon pose tells me, that my hips are way too tight..... Instead of writing this blog, I really should get my yoga on.... I am just way too lazy right now.

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