Friday, February 25, 2011

Cookie Monster

Welcome to everybody coming over from the Healthy Living Blog. Thank you for dropping in!

For my regular readers: I have been part of the "Friday Feature" on HLB with a little interview.


Yesterday, I finally received my order of Girl Scout Cookies... 5 boxes of Caramel Delight... The one and only kind (for me anyways!).

Way back when I ordered them, I actually called hubs and asked him how many boxes he wanted and he said something about none at all. I then reminded him, that last year, he ended up breaking into my cookie stash and demolishing a box in one day. After that, he said he wanted one box. I ordered 2 for him... 3 for me... Seriously, I have those boxes for a while!

Anyways... So last night, he asked me where the cookies are, since I stated on FB, that I just had my first GC cookie of the season and wouldn't let go of the topic until I got the boxes... I was smart enough to leave one box at work right away... I might want to secure all of "my" boxes there... Just seems to be safer! ;-)

So there you have it.... The ultimate cookie battle in our household....

PS: For my German readers.... This is only such a big deal, because Girl Scout Cookies are only available for a couple of weeks (months?) each year.

"I just had ONE cookie"... Up to that point maybe! ;-)

Happy weekend, everyone! ;-)

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  1. just came across your blog! it's fabulous! you have some great insight on your posts! Girl Scout Cookies are addicting! xo