Thursday, February 3, 2011

App Review: Nike Training Club

I joined the cult and got myself an iPhone last October.... You might heard me say before, that I would NEVER get an iPhone. Never say never. What can I say.... I LOVE it... Maybe a little too much sometimes, at least that's the hubby's opinion. Oh well.

Every now and then, I am browsing the app store for the next useful thing and while doing this, I came across the Nike Training Club (NTC).

I have been looking into a couple of other strength training/ conditioning apps (Jillian Michaels Slim Down and BodyFitness) previously, but just didn't like them that much. I found them nice to get new ideas for strength exercises, but other than for inspiration or as reference, I might never use those apps again.

What I was always missing was a voice-guided exercise that I can just follow, without having to go back to my phone and check what the next move was. That was the reason why I downloaded NTC in the first place, because it promised just that.

This is the entry screen of the NTC app. It shows you the total minutes of workouts you did with the app and when you are going to unlock your next reward. Rewards are recipes or trainer tipps etc, but to access those you need a NTC user and password and for that, I am too lazy. One of these days maybe.

From the entry screen, you can either use the "Quick Start" option that will take you straight to a workout that you determined in the past... Your favorite workout, your workout when you are pressed for time etc.

The other option is "Get Workout" were you browse through the options to select, what you want to do that day.

You decide what your goal is for your workout and select one. So far, I did one workout from the "get toned" and one from the "get strong" category... They shared some exercises, but also differed at some. The biggest different was the increased cardio at the "get toned" workout.

Once you decide your goal, you then choose your level: beginner (4-5 workouts per month), intermediate (2-3 workouts a week) or advanced (3-5+ workouts a week). For each level it gives you around 10 workouts variing from 30 to 45 minutes (including warm-up and stretching)... Only the "get focused" workouts are shorter with 15 minutes focus on a specific area. By tapping on the workout, you can preview what kind of equipment (dumbells, jump rope, medicine ball) you need and look at the moves that is going to use. If you don't know a move, then you can tap on it and it shows a quick instructional video.

Time to get cracking.... But before you do, you can set to workout with or without music and select music from your own library. Sweet.

But at one point, you got to start the workout and that's when I just put the iPhone somewhere convenient to get to. At the top you see the total workout time remaining and at the bottom the time remaining for this particular exercise. If you can't remember what "slide and glide" was, then you just tap on the picture of the girl and the workout will be paused, while you watch the instructional video (again).

The workouts themselves are one exercise after the other etc with no breaks... ZIPP. There are sometimes recovery minutes in between the warm-up and some set-ups, but basically you go go go until the stretching portion.

For my first workout I choose the advanced level and I was supposed to use 8 lbs dumbells which I don't have, so I used my 5 lbs weights. I also don't have a medicine ball at home, so I used a weight for those exercises as well.... I consider myself fairly strong, but I was not able to do this first workout 100%, even with the lower weights.... Right now, I just cannot hold a 1 minute sideplank, especially after do a couple of push-ups already. But it gives me something to shoot for and I am on a quest to complete this workout... all of it... eventually!

Needless to say, the routine kicked my bootie! I was dripping in sweat and I was sore that evening and even worse the next day... But that Sunday afternoon bike ride had maybe something to do with it as well. Anywho, I really enjoyed this workout and did the next one the very next day. A little easier one, because I was very very sore.


  • voice-guided workouts
  • it's free!!!
  • tough workouts that really make you work hard
  • not much equipment required and you can also modify to make it easier or harder
  • flexible... on nobody's schedule but your own
  • BIG app... I had to make some room on the iPhone to be able to put it on there. While I dislike that, I think it's still worth it.
Room for Improvement:
  • a couple more workouts to choose from
  • option to create own workouts with the exercises already in the app

Note: all screen shots are taking from the app store website

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  1. i've been using this too. it's pretty good, i agree. nothing too crazy, but the "instructional" aspect is great-- you don't have to stare at the phone the whole time to see what to do. (once you get the hang of it anyway)