Monday, January 10, 2011

South Carolina Snow Day

It's like a flashback from a week ago. Just when we thought we escaped the snow in Germany, the snow is coming down in South Carolina as well!

So this morning, I took the doggie for a walk to stretch out the legs a little and snap a couple of pictures.

Please tree, don't let your branches snap and hit power lines.

First time that Karma ever saw snow.... She LOVED it way too much!

Speed limit or not, some people were plowing through the snow.

Even the swamps freeze over today!

Paris Mountain in the clouds.

We picked up a new boy toy for Karma on the way.
A snow day is a killer for training, but at least, I got some race registrations out of the way. I am now official signed up for....


It took me a little this time, but it seems like I have my race schedule together for 2011.... Yeah! ;-)

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  1. are you doing the 10 miler? i signed up for the 8k. i need to get to some speed work! yikes.