Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's All About YOU!

This morning, I hit the track for a group track workout. On the way back to the Y, I ended up running with one of my training/ racing buddies. It's two miles back and so we had a little time to chat. Now that the holidays are over, of course everyone is talking about getting rid of the extra pounds you gave yourself for Christmas this year.

How fitting, that yesterday was also the season premier of the Biggest Loser 11 and of course, I watched it... Not quite until the end, I fell asleep before that. Anyways, some stuff got me thinking during that episode that I brought up with my running buddy during our cool down, especially since both of us have weight loss story to tell.

If you tevoed last night's episode and don't want to hear anything about it, it's time to stop reading now. For all others.... Here are my two cents:

When it comes to weight loss and exercise, nobody can do it for you.
You have to make the decision for yourself and have to find ways to stay motivated.

Why do I throw this at you? Well, let me recount a little of last night's story line on BL.

This season, they have (had by now) 11 couples. Since it's BL, there had to be a twist and a big one it is. There will not only be Bob & Jillian, but also two unknown trainers. The contestants had to complete a challenge and in the sequence in which they completed that challenge, they were able to choose to go with B&J or the "Unknowns". If you decided to take the "Unknowns" as your trainers, you were given 4 weeks (!!!!) of immunity. A max of 5 couples could choose that option.

When I heard that, I thought that this is a no brainer. The first 5 couples finishing will choose to train with the "Unknowns". Oh boy... I was WRONG! Three teams decided to go with B&J even though they had the chance to have 4 weeks (!!!!) of immunity. Their statement was mostly, that they trust B&J's track record of the last 10 seasons. When those three teams told B&J the next day that they choose them over 4 weeks of immunity, even B&J couldn't believe what they did.

And now to come full circle in my two cents thrown in above.

It's not about the trainer! It's all about you!

You can have the best and/or highest paid trainers in the world, it's still you that has to make that commitment. Nobody is going to move your body, no matter how much they yell at you. If you don't decide to make a change, it's not going to happen. Of course you can seek advise and you should always ask for help, but the basic decision has to come from you and you only.

I have to point out the girl from the acqua team that decided to go with B&J. I thought she was completely ridiculous in believing that she can only be successful with the established trainers. That girl lost 100lbs in the last year ON HER OWN. She doesn't need no freaking trainer to do anything. She obviously made her decision a while ago and no matter what trainer she is going to work with and as long as she sticks to her agenda, she is going to be successful.

I am done.

PS: I actually wanted to post some more pics from the Germany trip, but this was really bothering me today... So tomorrow, you will see some pictures from our visit the Meyer shipyard where they currently build one of the Disney cruise ships.

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