Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Germany Post Catch-Up 2: Wolfsburg Autostadt

The snow, ice and frozen slush is still out there, but we are back at work, already the second day, but fortunately on a delayed schedule, which gives the DOT another chance to coat the road with more salt and sand before I have to head out... By now the ice is so packed on the streets that I kind of doubt, that a snow plow would have a chance. Maybe the sun can get everything thawed soft a little, so they can plow before everything freezes over again tonight.

Anyways, to finally finish up my Germany report, here are the pictures from our trip to Wolfsburg, the birthplace of the "Volkswagen" brand and headquater of the Volkswagen Group.

Wolfsburg is not an obvious sightseeing choice, but it was almost on route on the way back from my friend's house and I am on the everlasting quest to show Terry each and every town I ever lived in.

Back in 2003, I spent six months in Wolfsburg while writing my thesis at Volkswagen. During that time, I had a season pass for the "Autostadt". We spend a lot of time there and it's a lot of fun to visit and discover all the pavillions from the different brands in the Volkswagen group. Some pavillions are more fun than others, but you can definitely spend a whole day on site. Unfortunately, the plant was closed due to winter break, so we were not able to do a plant tour, but at least we could visit one of the car storage towers.

The park is much prettier in the summer, but they did put an ice skating rink on one of the ponds that was just stuffed with kids of all ages while the parents had a nice pot of Gluehwein.... Oh Gluehwein... I miss you!

The two storage towers, each holding 400 cars that are going to be delievered to customers over the next days.

Terry posing "in" one of the vintage Volkswagen utility vehicles.

The car tower from the inside. We sat in a glass cube and the robot picked us up to bring us all the way up "there".

They have a little visitor platform at the top from which you can overlook the city of Wolfsburg and the plant.

The view from the top down. The tower wasn't very packed at the time... I guess because of the holidays?

On our way down... It was fascinating.

One of the motor cycles in the "Zeithaus" the onsite museum.

This is Mini Cooper number 1,000,000.

In front of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4... In this baby are 1,002 horse power.

A light installtion in Skoda pavillion.

The "Zeithaus" from the outside.

The Christmas decoration was still up, but the towers are always lit up that way.

Side view of the "Zeithaus".

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  1. that's pretty cool. def something unique!

    you saw salt/sand used? i didn't see sand anywhere until yesterday. i wonder what roads they were plowing cause pelham rd didn't seem to get any attention except from the sun. ah well, it's better now. i hope i can run outside now, it's been too slippery!