Sunday, January 9, 2011

Race Report: 2011 TR YMCA Resolution Run

Results (based on Guntime):
2h 17m 48s (10:31 min per mile average)

Age Group (30-34) 8/12
Overall 122/161

Hubs joined me for my last couple of yards...  


The race started at 9.15am and that means, that we didn't even set the alarm. With the jet lag still in our bones and regular morning workouts last week, we were up by 6am. Hubby brought me breakfast to bed (Thanks, babe!) and after that we got ready, slowly... very slow. The race started just 10 minutes down the road and I already picked up the packages earlier this week, so there was really no reason for us to be there early. We got there half an hour ahead of the time and I was just cold. The gym was open, but of course, I didn't know... I just wondered where everyone was.

After chatting with a couple of run and tri buddies, we started lining up.... Did I mentioned that I didn't feel this race.... at all? ;-)


The race course was a loop, which is always nice. It also was on roads that I know and run often, but I never did this particular loop. The rough spot was passing the street, where we live on, at around mile six... and knowing, that it's going to be a while. Yupp, really didn't feel this race.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I started out conservatively according to coach's orders.... You know... Two weeks of basically doing nothing and then winging a half. But once I was out there, I felt fairly good. The first couple of miles ticked away as usual, but right around mile 5, things didn't fly too much anymore.... But fortunately, a two mile downhill was coming up... That was quite a relieve. Once we hit the Swamp Rabbit Trail around mile 8, I started to mentally struggle. I pretty much know every stone on this trail and I know the mileage from one to the next intersection and I know that it's a gradual incline from there back to Travelers Rest. On top of it, there were wind gusts. I felt them before a couple of times, but in some spots on the trail, the wind was ridiculous. Fortunately, there were water stations every two miles or so and even though, I didn't take water a lot (was carrying my hand-held), just seeing a friendly face and people with cowbells every now and then was good. There were not a ton of spectators, none really, but the volunteers came out with family and they made as much noise as possible with a hand full of people.

By that time, I was in no-man's land. I haven't been running close to anybody in the last 4 miles. I couldn't see anybody behind me and only one guy in front of me. I slowly closed the gap and after that, I didn't see a soul ahead of me... And there were still two miles to go and the mile splits were getting slower and slower. Only in the last mile, I was able to go a little faster again... Knowing to be almost done, always helps.

When I made the last turn, I soon saw Terry walking towards me and then we jogged it in (see pic above)... I was so glad to be done and to have another medal for my collection.


After the race, I started to walk around and downed a Gatorade in record time. My legs felt really tight right away. Of course I was instantly cold and hungry too, so we walked into the gym to grab a little something (bagel and cream cheese) and warm up. First we thought to wait for the awards, but at one point, I was so cold, I just wanted to go home. The walk to the car wasn't that long, but I felt frozen solid by the time we finally got there.

Race Review:

This is a great race to kick off the year. They had a great turnout with 160 runners for the half. I also really liked the course and of course the fact that it was so close to home. The price is right for this race as well, because you have an option to get a t-shirt (cotton or technical fabric) with an extra charge, so you can make the race as cheap or expensive as you want.

I was positively surprised by the amount of aid stations along the course and they even handed out gels a couple of times.

The only beef I have is, that it was a little complicated to find the race results online!

Definitely a race to do again next year! ;-)

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  1. it looks like they've rerouted it from when i ran it back in 07 (i think). that's a great pic of you guys!