Thursday, March 1, 2012

Month in Review: February



And we are done with February and move on to longer months and warmer temps. How about it SC? Mid 70s on March 1st, you got it covered! ;-)

Overall, February has been a pretty good month and I think the stats confirmed this. I missed a couple of workouts early on, because I was still recovering from the surgery, but I was walking on those days. Actually, I just took one complete rest day all month! While I wasn't necessarily swim-bike-running on all other days.

Since last month really was the comeback to "real" tri training, let's break it down:


The swim was consistant throughout and I am pretty happy with where I am at at the moment. The first couple of timed efforts were very promising and I was able to chase down the field at a 400 yard race practice during swim class with time trial starts.

Nevertheless, a recent video taping of my swim showed, that I have still a ton to work on. In the last couple of swims, I tried to incorporate some changes and let me tell you, changes to your swim stroke always suck and they always feel weird, but eventually it's going to be second nature and you'll be a stronger swimmer... And that's what I am going to tell myself over and over and over again.


I still love the bike!

February also marked the return of longer bike rides and I am just happy as a clam (most of the time) to be out on the road.

I especially enjoy, that Terry and I are currently on the same training plan and have the same bike workouts, so we are out there together and are able to spend time with each other. Sometimes, we are too out of breath to actually talk, but who cares. According to him, I am much stronger on the hills than he remembers from last year... I hope he's right about that one! ;-)


The run was a mixed bag of nuts, but I guess that's what it always is for me.

There were a couple of good track workouts, some tangible progress on the hills and a bunch of tummy troubles. All in all, it could be much worse, so'll take it.


As for March: It's hard to believe that tri season will kick off for me in a little over two weeks... I guess, I'll have to dig out my transition bag and find my elastic shoe laces again.

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