Friday, July 1, 2011

Month in Review: June

Half of 2011 is done!!

June was basically my return to structured training (May was more taper, racing, recovery) and shorter races. I did 2 triathlons (Middle Tyger Sprint and Tri The Dam Sprint), my first open water swim race and a metric century tour.

Training has somewhat slowed down to a level that I can think is not a problem to maintain for the rest of the season. While pre-AOMM training had two double training days in normal weeks, I am now down to one training session per day and between 8-10 hours (tri sports) per week. That is still a lot of time, that I spend training, but it feels like a walk in the park to the 11-15 hours I logged leading up to AOMM. It is also easier for me to maintain better eating habits on this lower load, because I am not constantly hungry.

While my cycling mileage is only a mere shadow of what I did in previous months, my running mileage has almost tripled and my swimming mileage has doubled. As usual, I completely ignored my yoga practice and the "walking" log was for a day when I didn't feel like doing anything else... I really have to start logging all my walks with the dog ( >15 minutes), because over the course of the month, it would probably mount up to a couple of hours. In June, I just had two days in total, when I was swimming, biking or running... But today is complete* rest day for me.

*Unless we take the dog out for another 1 hour walk like we did last night. At the very end, she was dragging her feet a little, but it's just something that Terry and I enjoy doing together since we get to talk without any distractions (cell phones, laptops, TV) and having the dog is a really good motivator to get out of the house.

Actually, on the Plus3 Network, I do log my walks with the dog as well, because the more activities I am able to log, the more money will be donated to World Bicycle Relief.... But I don't log my stretching here, because that's only 5-10 minutes at a time.... I probably should. Anyways, just with logging my workouts for June, SRAM donated USD 45.02 to WBR! YAY!

And because we are halfway through 2011, let's also have a look at how the first six months in 2011 compare to the year of 2010.

I am just 140 miles shy over meeting my 2010 overall cycling mileage and that should happen within the first couple of weeks in July. My run mileage is not even close to the halfway point compared to last year and I guess my late 2011/ early 2012 run race plans are going to determine, if I even get close to last year's numbers. For the swimming, I am just 16K yards away from the 2010 mark and that also should be accomplished in July.

So overall, I am pretty happy on how the year is shaping up. It's sad, that I haven't spend any time in a kayak yet, but I think that's going to change during our vacation in Florida in a couple of weeks. The place we are going to stay at, has kayaks available for their guests. I am sooooo ready for vacation.

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