Sunday, July 10, 2011


DNS= Did Not Start

I was supposed to be the swimmer in a triathlon relay today and I had to call it off last night. Fortunately, our runner is also a good swimmer, so she was able to take-over. I just talked to her and they made 4th out of 8 relay teams and they were the only all female team. YAY TEAM!

After feeling pretty normal all day yesterday and even got 40 miles on the bike in, I once again had stomach trouble after dinner. After a while of going back and forth in my head, I eventually called my relay team mate and break the news.

It just sucked! Normally, You are racing or you don't and it doesn't make a difference for anybody around you... Once you are part of a team, that changes...

I have another DNS on my resume and that one was also due to a stomach bug. So, I don't know what's going on right now, but I know that I am prone to stomach issues and maybe, I just ran myself down a little over the last couple of weeks. So today, I am vegging on the couch and trying to get some real rest and hopefully, I am back to normal by tomorrow.

And before you even ask: No, I am not pregnant and yes, I am sure.

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