Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quite Enjoyable

This view is kind of worth getting up early to be at the Lake for an early morning open water swim before everyone is getting out there on their boats for the holiday weekend.

My swim was so-so. I grabbed into a dead baby bird and swallowed (yet again) a bug a little later on. Today, I just went out for a swim.... No workout and other than the bird and bug incidents, it really was a nice relaxing swim.

I am especially proud of Terry for doing is first open water swim today! My baby rocks!

Right after.... Okay, not really right after... We were sitting around quite a while after the swim, just talking... But after that, I took off for a bike ride. Terry still has some back trouble from his trail run fall a couple of weeks ago, so riding wasn't happen.

I mapped out a ride from the Lake back home for a total of around 30 miles and just took my time. It was quite a hilly affair of course, but the weather is just gorgeous and I enjoyed being out there.

I passed this entry way which was completely overgrown, but funny enough, the metal initials on the gate looked like somebody just polished them... It's probably a little hard to see in the picture.

Just a proof that it was really me out there. ;-)

A covered bridge. There are supposed to me more in the area, but this is the only one, I've ever found.

A little swamp for good measure!

Happy Holiday Weekend everyone. Get out there and be safe!

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  1. Where was this ride? Just curious as always :) I'm always curious about what is down long, gated driveways like this one.