Thursday, June 23, 2011

Logging Workouts for A Cause

For a moment, I thought to name this post  "Logging Workouts for World Peace ", but that would have been overkill! ;-)

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of things, my athletic endeavors are pretty selfish. It's time I take for me and for my health (mental and physical). I am very blessed that I have a supportive husband, that has athletic goals himself and who sort of gets what I am doing.... Even if I am a little a lot more extreme than he is.

Even though your training might be a selfish activity, there is a way to improve the life of others, just by logging the workouts that you are doing anyways. The best part of it: Other than a little of your time (to actually go online and log the workouts), it doesn't cost you a dime.... Oh and that was a rhyme.... ;-)

Sounds to good to be true? That's what I thought, but the thing is totally legit and if you want to learn a little more on how it works, please go over and read this post on to explain it all... and oh, please join Team Fatty on the Plus 3 Network Site (once again, doesn't cost you a thing).... since, you know... he brought it to mine and therefore to your attention! Thankyouvermuch.

For every workout you log, SRAM will donate money to the World Bicycle Relief. The World Bicycle Relief provides bikes to kids in Africa to give them the opportunity to get to school on time and learn. One bike is USD 134 and by logging my June workouts so far, I was able to collect over 30 bucks already.... That's almost 1/4 of a bike.... So every couple of months, I should be able to "earn" a bike for the WBR... Without knocking on doors and asking for money... SWEET.

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  1. that's pretty cool of SRAM.

    but, do we really want africans to start kicking ass in the tour du france? ;)