Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Couch Potato for a Day

Sunday, I didn't work, train, cook, clean or run errands. Sunday, I slept in and sat on the couch for hours watching TV while organizing my iTunes library. We even got take-out for dinner, because I didn't feel like getting dressed. The only thing, that I put on my "to do" list was walking the dog, but she ran off sometime in the afternoon and walked herself for about an hour, so I didn't think that another walk was necessary.

I think I desperately needed that. My normal rest day (rest day = no training) is during the work week and nothing is really restful to get up early and go to work... Not having a workout, doesn't make it a "rest day".... Oh, and this is mostly self inflicted. All those Sundays when I had optional workouts on the schedule and I chose the option of working out.... As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I think, I ran myself down over the last couple of weeks.

But after a day of watching every show on TV possible, including parts of the Tour de France and most of the game US vs Brazil, I think I am all set. Also good news, that this week is sort of light on the training front. Goody.

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