Friday, July 8, 2011

Nailed It!

Soooo.... I am still alive and also have halfway recovered from Monday. Still not sure, if the bike ride or the poor food choices at the cookout that night did me over or maybe even a combination of both. I haven't even started on the ride report of the Fab 4th, but that's going to be done eventually as well.

Besides my autopilot mode on Tuesday, I kind of bounced back the following days, just by doing what needed to be done: work, workouts and cleaning (can't wait for the project to be completed, we are so close)... in that order and very little to none computer time at home.

I had early morning workouts each day this week and besides the swim (3,000 meters) on Tuesday, I also got all this in:
  • Wednesday: 7 miles on the track
  • Thursday: 3,600 meters in the pool (my longest swim ever) and a 25 mile trainer ride with intervals in the afternoon
  • Friday: 8 miles progression run
Let's talk about the run today:


Okay, that's the super short version.

Well, it was a negative split progression run thing and honestly, I was super nervous about this run since I saw it on the training plan. Why I was nervous, I have no clue. Last night, I put the paces in the Garmin to help me with pacing during the run and... I nailed it. I almost died in the last mile, but other than that, it was a great run.

I guess, I was also nervous, because my stomach was acting up for a couple of days, but it didn't give me any problems during the run. Then at lunch or right after that, all hell broke loose... By now, I am feeling better, but not quite there. My dinner consisted of crackers and hopefully, by tomorrow things are going back to normal.

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  1. nice! progression run + 8 miles + this wonderful weather :) way to go! i always get nervous before any kind of speed run. often i end up talking myself out of it and just run easy.

    hope you are feeling better!