Monday, November 22, 2010

Bad Case of the Mondays...

Goodness, this three day week is coming at just the right moment.

I haven't had such a bad case of the Mondays in weeks, if not months. I am cranky and tired (I fell asleep at 8.30 last night) and achy and just everything.

Some of this is due to a sucky long run yesterday... Some of it, is just because it's Monday.

But let's recap this weekend in workouts a little:


Getting out of bed, bright and early to meet up with a friend for an easy 30 mile bike ride. She had some other stuff going on that day, so we actually hit the road by 7.30am. It was COLD! I was layered up like an onion... Up top: base layer, short sleeve jersey, long sleeve jacket, mittens with hot hands. I actually didn't plan on riding with the jacket on, but I just didn't have the heart to take it off. On the bottom: cycling capris, leg warmers, wool socks, toasty toes, shoes and shoe covers. Since we took the ride extremely easy, that combination was perfect. I think, if we had pushed the pace more, those layers had been overkill, but since we chit-chatted more than doing anything else... it was just perfect.

After the ride, I stop at the Bavarian Pretzel Factory for some good old butter pretzels and coffee and then headed to the YMCA for an hour swim.

By the time I was back home, I was STARVING and of course, there was nothing in the fridge or at least nothing that was in any way appealing to me. Good thing, that we have a good Greek place down the road. The rest of the afternoon was spent with browsing bike stores and car dealerships... We didn't end up with a new car, but Terry finally made a decision on a new road bike*... EXCITING!!

*Christmas present and birthday present taken care off.... YIPPIE!


Yesterday, I had a 15-miler on tap. After having 13-mile long runs for the last couple of months, you would think 2 miles more are not a big deal. Well, this was one of the roughest runs I had ever. Normally, stomach issues determine, if I have a good or a bad run... This one was a completely different animal.

The run was broken out in 3 mile segments and the middle segment (mile 7-9) was supposed to be at race pace. I went out too fast and I dearly paid for it. The last 6 miles just HURT! Right from the get-go, my legs didn't really feel too good, but once I did the race pace effort they were just shot and in pain. The knee stuff that I mentioned last week didn't bother me at all during the run, but today I am back to hobbling around.

And if this wasn't enough, I also got dizzy after getting home and grabbing a shower. I just made out of the shower and laying down before passing out. I have no clue what happened. The last time, I had this dizziness going on, I knew that I was dehydrated, but this time, I am sure that hydration was not the issue. I had my Nathan race vest on and was taking water at least every mile. I think that maybe I took in too little calories during the run... Terry puts his money on blood sugar drops... Who knows.

Needless to say, that the rest of the day was done for me after that. I stayed on the couch.... Indulged in pizza hmmmm and ice cream*, watched TV, skyped with my parents and just relaxed.

*go figure that I am still battling those last 5 lbs... but I swear.... I was good ALL WEEK... I just felt so weak and dizzy and frustrated after the run.... jadi, jadi, jada....

I was glad to see on my training plan that my long run this Sunday is only 5 miles... On top of that, we have other fun stuff lined up for the long holiday weekend. It's not going to be all training and it certainly is not all going to be all eating. I am looking for a good mix in activities. Lately, life has been very training and racing heavy, so it's time to change it up a little.

How did your weekend shape up?

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  1. i hope that dizziness was just a one-time-thing! i dealt with dizzy spells for over a year and just *finally* got over them. they suck! a greek place and a pretzel factory! we need to hang out / i need you to make me earn my food with a tough workout!

    my weekend wasn't very exciting... but once i got my long (10mi) run done, i just wanted to lay around! sorry to hear your run didn't go as well as hoped :-/