Friday, November 12, 2010

Ready for Take-Off

The flights are booked,
we are ready to go....


Yes, you might have guessed it: After I got really really frustrated a couple of weeks ago about how slow my paperwork is being processed, I got an e-mail last Monday stating that my work permit finally has been approved. That was the missing link for me to be able to leave the country right now. It's not all done an over with, but things should move faster now... Or not... There is no telling. But right now, I don't care, because I am allowed to travel and we have our e-tickets already!

Now we just need a game plan for this year's visit... Since things didn't look to good for this trip, I didn't want to really think about what we would do, if we end up going.

There are the Christmas markets to visit, the family and friends to spend time with... The FOOD and the Gluehwein! We will go on a little trip up North most likely, since we went to Bavaria last year... Do our runs directly from my parent's doorstep through the vineyards to the next village....

Can you tell that I am excited?

I have a to do list thiiiiiiiis long until then, but it's a lot of fun stuff, so you won't hear me complain.


Until then, I have my second half marathon on tap for tomorrow.... It's on a trail... The race director makes it sound really scary! By now, I have the sneaking suspicion, that tomorrow, I am going to run the longest 13 miles of my life.


One more thing before I let you off the hook: Please vote here for the Swamp Rabbit Trail!

Happy early weekend!


  1. as long as i get up on time, i will be there tomorrow too! i haven't registered but i am planning on running (well and registering of course). have you talked to the RD? i know online it says technical course and whatnot, and trails freak me out in general - soo hard.

    anyway... i don't know what i'm wearing yet but it can't be that big of a race right?

    and woo hoo for christmas travels!