Monday, November 29, 2010

The Gobble Gooble Weekend

I am a slacker in the blogging department these days, but I only feel a tiny little bit guilty about it. Now it's Monday again and that means a 4-day-mini-vacation over the Thanksgiving holidays is over. The only good thing about the weekend being over is that my next vacation is getting closer.... :-)

So how did I spent my mini vacation?

On Thanksgiving Day (last Thursday - for my German friends) we slept in.... At least it was sleeping in for us. Then my awesome hubby cooked pancakes... The obvious choice of course, since Thanksgiving is a eating holiday and you have to start off the day in the right manner. For the next couple of hours, we did some extreme couching and watched the preparation for the Thanksgiving parade and a "Burn Notice" marathon. After a long deliberation, I finally managed to roll off the couch and brave the elements on a pre-turkey bike ride. We ended up doing close to 25 miles at a decent speed and the only reason why we didn't stay out longer were my frozen toes. With that, I had officially the first frozen toes of the season and you can rest assured, that I won't leave the house without my toasty toes ever again as soon as temps going under 60 degrees... Seriously!

After that we went out (shocking!) for Thanksgiving lunch. We stuffed our bellies with the good stuff... No cooking, preparation and cleaning up required from our side. Yes, it maybe is a little weird that we decided to do Thanksgiving this year like that, but we just wanted to relax and cooking for several hours, hosting a bunch of people and then cleaning for several hours is just not really relaxing. Funny enough, in the meantime I talked to so many people that did exactly the same thing... Not so shocking after all hmmm? ;-)

The rest of the day was spent on the couch continuing the "Burn Notice" marathon until the belly was yelling for more.... I sure got the eating part of this holiday down like nobody's business!

On Black Friday (major shopping day here - for my German friends) Terry had to work... BOOOOOOH! I didn't feel like getting up early to make my usual Friday morning yoga class, so I slept two more hours and then did a Pilates class. I think that was my first Pilates class ever and it sure kicked my butt! After that, into the pool for a solid hour swim and by 11am, I was done with my workouts for the day. The remainders of the day was spent shopping (of course) and visiting my friend up in NC to finally meet her new baby... oooohing and awwwing you know? ;-)

Saturday we went to the U.S. Whitewater Center in Charlotte NC for the day.... I will give that one a separate post as soon as I have downloaded all the pictures. So much for now: It was a fun day and totally worth the drive and I am sure we'll be back for more in the future.

Too soon, it was Sunday and the last day of mini vacation. We went to church in the morning and then headed out for a 40 mile bike ride right after that. We did the "Happy Cow" loop that gets it's name from passing the "Happy Cow" Creamery in Pelzer on the way. We didn't stop there, but whenever you are in the area, it's totally worth checking out.. They have very yummie stuff. The ride was fun and the weather was nice, but cold. This time, I prepared better for it and was toasty throughout. What I didn't quite expect was all the hills that we encountered.... At least, it's good training and since I decided to sign up for particular race next year.... I need all the training I can get, but I'll save that for another day and another blog... Because I am sneaky like that.

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  1. i was a bit too wimpy for sunday's mid-40 temps! glad you guys got out for a good ride though. i've heard about that place up in charlotte, but haven't made it up there. look forward to hearing/reading about your time!