Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits Vol 10

  • Since I was all about gear love in last Sunday's post, I completely forgot to mentioned that we tried out a completely new route for us... It was all back country roads with wonderful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Paris Mountain, that came at the price of having tons of climbs on the roads. There was hardly any traffic and on several stretches not even a lot of signs of civilization. A wonderful route, that I would do again, but I wouldn't try on my own, because it's just so far away from anything.
  • Seriously, I think I start forgetting some of my German. Especially when talking about the running and stuff, since I didn't do any of this when I lived over there... I sometimes, just don't know the German word for it or it sounds really really weird. I am worried.
  • I skipped my run last night. I just felt tired and judging from how the ride was on Sunday, it was probably for the better, especially with the relay coming up.
  • Instead of running, I took the doggy out for a longer walk. I really have to start taking a camera on those walks, now that the leaves are going to start turning colors any day.
  • Recovery socks are really tight! My compression sleeves are really tight too... Why do I have monster calves?
  • This morning marked the return to the pool after over a month of absence. I took it easy and the shoulder was only mildly irritated.
  • I was in a lane next to the water aerobic class and the only thing those ladies seemed to exercise was their mouth... The instructor had the hardest time to break up the chatter! ;-)
  • It was downright chilly when I left the house at 5am this morning.... Goody goody... Hopefully it's going to be the same tomorrow morning for my run!
  • Just two more days of work until we take off for the Blue Ridge Relay.... I am very excited. The thing I am looking forward to most are the post-race beers at the Mellow Mushroom in Asheville while we are waiting for van two to finish up the race... Of course we are going to interrupt our MM session for a quick crossing over the finish line with the team!
  • I haven't packed a thing yet and I should really check the weather forecast. The night run might get really cold and the day runs probably blazing hot... Are they calling for rain? Oh well, anything can happen in those mountains I guess.
  • It is amazing to see pictures from races in other parts of the country and the people a clothes in long sleeves and pants... I can't even remember what long sleeves and pants are when I am outside. Inside it's another story,  I have been using the heater under my desk throughout the summer, because that stupid A/C is keeping the room at temps under 70. I know I am the only one complaining here since I am sharing the office with boys and they are always warm. Men are from Mars etc etc etc.
So long!

Oh and don't forget to smile! ;-)

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  1. Good luck and have fun this weekend! I was asked YESTERDAY if id join a team but they're leaving at 345 Friday morning (!!) and I cant really get out of work last minute like that (not great with the "I'm sick" line lol).