Saturday, September 11, 2010

Confidence Builder

Some runs are trying to break you and some runs are going to build your confidence. Today, I had a total confidence builder on my hands.

I started out in Greenville on the Swamp Rabbit Trail close to that Children Park and went all the way up to
Furman and back for a total of 13.1 miles. Yes that's right, I ran a half marathon today. And on top of everything, I wasn't exhausted afterward! I did the whole distance in 2h 20mins and I am very confident that I am able to pull this off in 2:10h come race day - at least.

The run was based on heart rate zones and after a 20 minutes warm-up in Z2, I did two Z3 and two Z4 efforts for each 25 minutes. I know I should be able to at least sustain Z3 for the whole distance, if not even Z4! Seriously, I am totally pumped with today's run... So excited!!


After the run, there wasn't much rest for this weary soul. I got back to the house, grabbed a shower and something small to eat and off I went again to go to the Relay for Life Corporate Event at the BMW Performance Center. DRX was invited to join them this year and the company (it's employees) ended up raising around 10,000 USD in a couple of weeks... What an accomplishment!

I stayed until the opening activities (survivor lap, care giver lap and team lap) were over and then took off to run a couple of errands.

I will post a couple of pictures from the events once I downloaded them. Our team tent looked AWESOME, you'll see! ;-)

So long! ;-)

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