Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Too Soon?

Monday morning, I received this e-mail from one of my team mates:
Since Team DNR has become Do Not Return to the BRR.  Here are some details for the 2011 Bourbon Chase:
Date is 10/7/2011.
Field size is limited to 200 teams.
Cost is $1,200 if registered by Thanksgiving.  A $400 deposit is required; the balance is not due until July, 2011.
The race goes from Jim Beam to downtown Lexington.
I have not looked at all the legs, but several of the "Difficult" rated ones had hills with 3% grades, 100' over a mile or so.  Those would be rated Easy or Moderate on the BRR!
The starting line is about 6-1/2 hours from Greenville.
I'm in!  Who's with me?
Too soon?
Looks like a lot of people on the team are ready to make plans for next year already! ;-)

In other news:

There will be a local relay on November 13th benefiting the Project HOPE Foundation.

The relay is for teams of five and every runner has two legs and course is 42.5 miles in total. The start line is in the Paris Mountain State Park and the finish line in downtown Greenville SC.

Here is the race information.

This sounds like so much fun, but I am already signed up for the Camp Croft Trail Half on the same day, so I guess that means I am out for this one. Dang.


And I am still working on my race report for the Blue Ridge Relay and just give you a couple more pictures (thanks, Brian) from the weekend in the meantime:

 Carbo loading in the hotel room... Yes.... It's really water in my hand! ;-)

Van1 and Van2 reunited at the first transition zone.

Another reunion at the second transition zone.

And the third and last transition zone.

In the meantime, the recovery is coming along. I can walk down stairs again and I made it to the pool this morning for an hour of easy swimming. Tomorrow morning, I will attempt my first run post BRR2 and can only hope that my running partner is going to take it easy on me! ;-)

So long.

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  1. i almost ran bourbon last year last-minute but got sick :( i don't think you can call yourself a true distance-runner if you don't go out and look for more crazy races as soon you cross the finish!