Thursday, September 16, 2010

Packed And Ready To Roll

This post is schedule to be published around the same time as "van one" is planning to pick me up at the house.

On the road again and super excited. The only thing that sucks about this little trip is the fact that my dear husband decided not to join in the fun this year and with that, I lost my personalized and customized pillow.

I just finish packing a couple of minutes ago and ended up with a huge bag that normally Terry hauls around. But really, with the van rentals, I didn't worry about packing more conservatively.

What I think I need for this relay:
  • three running outfits including socks, arm and leg warmers to make quick long sleeves and pants in case it's getting cold at night
  • 2 safety vest with blinky lights, 1 regular safety vest, 2 head lamps and 1 red rear lamp (Christmas in September)
  • two pairs of running shoes, 1 pair of sandals
  • compression sleeves and recovery socks for in between the runs
  • big towel, so I don't have to sweat into the car seat this time (it's just a rental... yummie)
  • TOMS (tons of more stuff)
My biggest "innovation" for this relay is having three string bags (race goodies) in my big bag. One for all the safety related gear, one for all running gear (Garmin, glasses, headbands, Road ID*, nutrition) and one for "medical" needs (tape, nail clippers, aspercreme, biofreeze, sunscreen, tums)... Hopefully, this approach will save some time and nerves.

*reminds me, that I have to update my insurance information in my RoadID profile

After I got all my stuff together, I did a little photo series about Karma and me:

My fellow "model" obviously was a little distracted.

Here we go!

And here another pic with some crazy eye action.

Every time the flash went off, Ms Karma was going into a little frenzy, jumping all over the place and on top of me... She's lucky, that she's cute.

And here is a Runner's World's "Daily Kick In The Butt" quote from a couple of weeks ago:

I think there is too much emphasis placed on the distinction between the people in the front and the people in the back. I happen to feel that the sensations are exactly the same for all of us.
Kenny Moore, marathoner and writer

In that sense, I expect for team D.N.R. to rule the 9 minute/mile division at the BRR!

So long! ;-)

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