Friday, September 10, 2010

Still Alive And Kicking

Even though it has been mighty silent around here, I am still alive and kicking.

Work has taken over some this week which made for longer evenings and by the time I got my workout done and had something to eat, it was almost bedtime again. Something's gotta give and this week it was the blogging. Oh well! Right now, I am just having lunch at my desk (rice and beans leftovers, no picture because it really looked like... well... not good) and will keep it short anyways, I just wanted to type out what was going on this week.

Since my labor day 9-miler for the Blue Ridge, I did two more 6-milers, one on Wednesday and one yesterday. Same distance, very different runs.

Wednesday I didn't get back home until 6.30pm and by the time I finally started running it was after 7pm and we all know that it's getting dark so much sooner now. Anyways, Terry decided to tag along with me and since I didn't wanted to aggravate him with my heart rate zone training (Garmin beeps around a lot), I just went out and ran with him. That gave us one hour of uninterrupted couple time. We went out and back on the Swamp Rabbit Trail between Furman Lake and Sunrift Adventures in TR. By the time we got back to the car, it was pretty dark already.

For yesterday's run, I was a little more proactive and packed my running gear to go to the Caine Halter Y right after work instead of going home. Firstly, this way I really start running right away because there is nothing to distract me (dish washer, laundry etc) and secondly, in the case I got out of work really really late, I am not worried about running in the well lit roads around the Y... That's also my morning run territory when I am on my own. I actually got there and out running my 6.30PM! SCORE! I did the heart rate zone run that I skipped the day before and have to say that things went really well. Of course the lower temps do wonders for my running performance. But on top of that, slowly but surely I see my pace increase in the same heart rate zone. SWEET!

I hope to keep my "running momentum" going on the 2h 15m endurance run planned for tomorrow.

On Tuesday, I wasn't lazy either. I ended up doing a one hour trainer ride with some nice intervals. Here the same thing, I seemed to have to pedal more to get my heart rate were it's supposed to me. Well, for the first round of intervals... The second round, not so much a problem anymore.

I am so glad, I broke down last year and got myself a trainer... It was certainly a good investment in my training. When I first got the trainer, I thought I am just going to use it during the winter months, but it has been in use over the whole summer as well. Whenever the downpour started or when I lost daylight or when I had some time constraint that had me go for quality over quantity*.

*a trainer ride is more efficient than riding on the road, because you will have no rest, no cruising, no stop lights

Ooops... I guess, I had more to say than I thought... Anyways... Lunch break is over!

Happy weekend everyone! ;-)

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