Friday, June 1, 2012

Month in Review: May

We made it through May and despite what the calendar says, summer has most definitely arrived in the Carolinas.

Let's get to meat of the review... Numbers, numbers, numbers...

May was a great bike months for me with a couple of good rides like when we rode to Campobello and back or when we climbed Caesars Head or when we joined a new (to us) shop ride and when we climbed some more doing the Double Bakery ride. All in all, I put roundabout 100 more miles in on the bike compared to what I rode in April. This makes me super happy, because biking just makes me very happy.

The run mileage was around 12 miles less that what I have been doing in April, but I can honestly say, that there is no junk mile in these 78 miles in May. Every run had a purpose and paces or hr zones to hit. It wasn't always pretty, but I am mostly seeing progress right now. Actually, I got an e-mail response from Coach Katie to a logged track workout saying: "the speed that you ordered has arrived!" BOOYAH!

Swimming is my comfort zone, but to be honest, while I like the ring of over 30K yards for the month, pool swims are a little taxing for me right now mentally. I totally see the purpose for them, but I would rather just open water swim every day... A girl can dream!

After an hiatus from strength training in the month of April, I put in a whopping 1.5 hours doing weights. Each session was around 30 minutes long and left me sore for several days. I am a strength whimp right now and it doesn't make me happy. It's the same old story, that once the swimbikerun gets more, the first things that I drop is strength and yoga. Maybe I'll do a little better in June, but I wouldn't bet money on it to be honest.

We are still walking the dog almost every night and really use that time to catch up on each other's day without the distraction of technology and Karma is a much happier (read: quieter) dog. We always get a kick out of people that take their dog for a drive in the golf cart instead of walking their dogs. A lot of these dog owners and their dogs look like they would need to walk... And then people wonder about the obesity crisis... Just saying.

On the nutrition front, things are going extremely well right now. After my "Too much Protein" post, I (once again) tweaked my diet and feel much better with it and currently don't have any problems maintaining my happy weight, despite the occasional pigout weekend. I am basically down to eating meat once a week at this point and have no problem hitting my protein target with protein sources other than meat. I do still eat dairy products and eggs, but also use grains and nuts as protein sources.


  1. I love that your dog's name is Karma too!

    GREAT job last month! One of my goals this year is to not drop Yoga when the SwimBikeRun miles go up. That was the first thing to go last summer. It helps that my miles are down this year so it hasn't been a problem yet.

    Happy June!

  2. i've been going to bootcamp off augusta rd. i am really enjoying it! i only mention it cause the guy is a crossfit level 1 trainer and the workouts are crossfit ish (and they have training sessions too). anyway it's been a good, fun supplement to weight training for me. the place is called 360 physique, in case you ever want to check it out. i know you are like me though and don't really need *another* gym to join!