Monday, May 28, 2012

The Brick Implosion

Wow... Isn't it nice to have another day added to the weekend? I am sorry, if you are reading this at work... Really sorry, but I am really happy for a long weekend and a shorter work week.

On Friday on my way home from work, I talked to Terry on the phone and he asked me, what I wanted for dinner and there was just one thing on my mind:

I wanted a burger for days now and always decided to stay good and stick to the plan... But my willpower didn't have a chance on Friday.. I pigged out big time and don't feel guilty about it... Not even a little.

Besides eating on Friday night, I also saw an e-mail about a GustoCycle about a 40 mile group ride the next morning and we made the decision to join that group. For the first time in over a year.

 We were close to 20 and it looked like a pretty strong group. The first couple of miles, it went through the neighborhoods and that made the pace very relaxed. As soon as we hit the first open roads, the boys picked up the pace and all I did for the rest of the ride was trying to not get dropped. I tried to draft, but I mostly just chased.

After the ride, we had a four mile brick run on tap. By the time we were done riding, it was already pretty darn hot. The neighborhoods around the shop are pretty hilly, so we ended up with a hot and hilly run. One of those four miles were supposed to be at race pace and that felt like crap, but I held a sub 9 minute pace, so I won't complain all that much.

The problem was, that while I finished up the run, I completely overheated. I assume, I already didn't hydrate enough on the ride. When I was finally back at the shop, I started to get dizzy and felt lightheaded... I ended up having to sit down, cool off and get some cold fluids into my system. Dang, this heat really did me in and this was just the start of summer!!

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  1. i think i know where that is and it's VERY hilly there! sub 9's on the run there, impressive (and after a 40mi ride no less).

    sorry i am suuuper behind on my blog reading!