Friday, June 29, 2012

Double Whammy Morning Workout

Triathletes are no strangers to double workout days. I regularly have two double workout days scheduled per day and have been doing that for years.

Good morning, Sunshine!

Last Tuesday though, I did the double workout before going in for work and that was definitely a first.

Terry was already in the indoor pool.

Why would I do such a thing? Well, I had a fairly short run workout on tap with 5.5 minutes and a shorter than usual swim with 2,800 yards.... This should have been less than two hours worth of workouts and if I get up just 30 minutes earlier (4am), I am getting everything out of the way in the morning and can relax in the evening.

I picked the outdoor pool.

Both workouts ran a little over and I cut it very close with getting to work on time.

Nevertheless, it was worth getting it all out of the way in the morning, but dang it certainly caught up with me, when the alarm went off the next morning for a 6.5 mile run... Actually during Wednesday's run, I felt so miserable and tired that I was already plotting the plan of skipping my morning swim on Thursday, but an early night on Wednesday took care of that.

Bottom line, double whammy morning workouts are probably not going to become a stable in my workout schedule... I need my sleep!

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