Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Double Bakery

Quick wipe down, because somebody hasn't
cleaned his bike since the last downpour.

Having Monday off work presented us with another opportunity to head out for a bike ride. Since Terry had to use his aluminum bike (due to a broken spoke on his regular roadie) when we climbed Ceasars Head a week ago, he felt like he needed to redeem the climb. We first thought about doing Caesars Head again, but then decided against it, in order to avoid all the holiday traffic that was to be expected on that road. We needed an alternative. Enter Double Bakery Ride!

Good thing, that we have plenty of climbing to chose from right around the corner. 3,600 ft over total climbing over 46 miles is coming right up!

The name "Double Bakery" refers to the bakery in Flat Rock and the bakery in Saluda that you could stop at for some on the go carb loading. But we meant business and didn't stop for any baked goods! ;-)

The weather for this little adventure was about perfect. When we started out, it was fairly overcast and on top of that, this route has pretty good tree coverage anyways to help you stay cool(er). We were climbing at a pretty good clip and it's always priceless, when Terry is surprised that I am "already there" when he just got to the top himself! ;-)

By the time we got back to Greenville, the USA Cycling Pro Road Championships (I volunteered for this event last year) were already on the way. This was the last year that we have the event in town and the course is a stone throw away from our house, so we decided to take the dog out for a quick walk and watch the pros go by on their 3rd loop.

When we got there, we had no idea how long we'll have to wait, so we sat down in the shade... Karma was in heaven with having her humans sitting around on her eye level.

We brought extra water for her, since she tends to overheat. She didn't waste time slobbering it up.

The peleton is approaching.
The peleton is almost gone.
We just waited for 20 minutes or so, before the breakway came through, followed by the peleton with maybe a one minute gap at that point.

It was stinking hot, so we left right after the sweeper came through and watch the rest of the race over live feed.

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