Monday, May 14, 2012

Venturing Out

After three weekends on the road (Charleston Half, Appalachian Trail and then Lake Murray), we finally had a weekend at home.

For Saturday, we had a longish bike ride on the plan. We were supposed to ride something between 40 and 50 miles and my thinking was... Let's make it 50+ miles and put "some" climbing in it too! Something close to 3K feet of climbing.... But who's counting! ;-) We are planning on riding Caesar's Head next weekend and we haven't done any substantial climbing lately, so it was time to just grind out a couple of hills.

The weather forecast for Saturday was 0% chance of rain and that's why it started drizzling not even 5 minutes into our ride. My stomach was very iffy for the first 10 miles and actually most of the climbing happened in the first 15 miles when we are basically still around the Paris Mountain foothills.

This was a also a brand new course for us starting directly from our door step to Campobello and back. I mapped it earlier this week and was just hoping that the roads I picked out were okay to ride on. It was quite awesome, if I say so myself. Nice back country roads, low traffic and great views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Minor upset on our way back, when I dropped my chain and subsequently jammed the chain between the chain ring and the frame. This happened to me before, but this time, I took it to a different level because I also bend a metal plate that is mounted onto the frame. It was an ugly sound. Fortunately, Terry was able to bend it back and we could finish the ride. The tri bike is now at the shop for a tune up and repair... This way, the roadie get's to play.

With our bike ride being done, we were not done venturing out for the day. We actually went out... Like to a party!! ;-)

Our Salsa buddies were putting on their annual cookout (in case you wonder... it was 80s themed) and we made it there for a little bit of dancing, a bunch of good food and being able to just catch up with friends that we don't get to see that often anymore, since the triathlon lifestyle has sucked us up.

On Sunday, the weather forecast was calling for rain all day and it basically rained all day. During a phase of light rain, I got in an 8 mile run on the bunny trail. The first 5 miles at an easy pace and then cranked it up some for the last 3 miles. Overall a pretty good run, my legs just feel super tight these days. Terry is giving me leg rubs every night these days and it helps some, but those rubs are super painful. Especially, since I am one of those people that doesn't care for massages... I should start yoga again...

After the run, we moved on to some extreme couching and waiting for a rain break to take the dog out... Yeah... That didn't quite happen and I was nice and soaked, but Karma was finally settling down after driving us bonkers most of the afternoon with her penned up energy.

Ready or not... Here comes another week!

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