Friday, June 22, 2012

Heavy Stuff

Today is Friday! YAY! And I will be leaving work early to watch quarterfinal match Germany vs Greece in the Euro Cup. I normally skip the group games, but am all in starting with the quarter finals usually… Good thing that I have a bunch of German co-workers that understand and I actually invited myself to a co-workers house to cheer our team on.

It's a cycling jersey, not a soccer jersey... works either way!

International soccer tournaments have always been such a nation uniting event ("The Miracle of Bern" anybody?) for Germany and it's weird for me when these events are coming up and I am sort of participating in the ritual still, even though I haven't lived in Germany for the last 7 years.

It's crazy, how much our nationalitiy is ingrained in our brains and habits. On the other side, a lot of my German friends would probably state, that I am completely Americanized at this point. Once you have been living in another country for this long, I think there will always be something missing, no matter where you go. I totally catch myself sometimes wondering, what I am still doing here? Don't get me wrong, I am happy and live a very blessed life, but if it wasn't for Terry, I would have left the US years ago…. I miss my family a lot.

Oh, this is really some heavy stuff for a Friday and the post started off on such a fun topic and then it went downhill from there! ;-)

On a training note for this week: Things have been going pretty decent. Other than a slightly shorter than planned bike ride (due to working late) last night everything went just according the training schedule. Is it just me or are there other people out there being OCD about their training plans? I definitely fail at being flexible and seeing the big picture at times and just put myself under a bunch of pressure. On the other hand, I never stood at a start line not feeling 100% prepared for the task… Granted, I have been pretty lucky so far with injuries etc.

There are a couple of fun workouts on tap for this weekend… I'll report back on Monday.

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