Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wild Flowers

 After struggling with the heat the day before, I decided to attack my long run early and by 6.15am I was on the bunny trail... ready to tackle the 9 miles on deck.

 The run was 3x 5K... One warm-up 5K, one build to race pace 5K and one medium paced 5K. The warm-up 5K felt very sluggish, but just in time for the build effort, things started to feel better, despite that it was already hot. Overall, I was very pleased with the run. So much better than the day before.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been running past these wild flowers along one section of the Swamp Rabbit Trail and never bothered to take pictures until Sunday... Would have been a shame to not get these shots before the flowers are all gone.

After the run, we headed straight to the Hincapie Warehouse sale... That little trip set me back in my new year's resolution quite a bit. I have no willpower when it comes to food and gear. On the other hand, I scored some awesome bike shorts for 10 bucks a piece... And a bunch of other stuff... I know, it's bad.

But that wasn't the end of Sunday yet. Our friend Cynthia invited us out to her boat house on Lake Lanier for a little open water swim. Originally, we were both supposed to swim, but Terry "forgot" his swim shorts and therefore, I was on my own... Well, not really, I had a boat escort and felt like a V.I.S. (very important swimmer).


  1. Sounds like a great day! Love when I get to take pics during a workout!

  2. tsk tsk! but i guess better to take advantage of the sale now than splurge in jan on not-sales.