Friday, May 18, 2012

Dummy 2.0

Last night, I rode my bike after work. Not even half an hour into the ride, I noticed the need for a pottie break. Good thing that I am riding in the country, by myself on low traffic roads. After a little while, I found a decent spot and took care of that... What I failed to take into account was the wet red dirt in my spot of choice, which ended up in my cleats. This is not the first time, I did that... Last year during the Mitchell dress rehearsal, I did the same thing and thought that's one of those things, that you just have to learn the hard way.... Turns out, I have to learn it the hard way at least twice.

So you might think, I forgot to take my cleat covers with me. Oh no, the cleat covers were securely tucked in my back pocket. I guess I thought I'll save some time... Yeah... That worked. Because for the next 10 minutes, I tried to somehow get the goo out of my cleats to be able to clip in. Once I finally clipped in, I tried, if I can clip out again and that proved to be a major fail.

I then proceeded to change my planned route, so I will mostly have right hand turns in order to decreased the times I will have to stop, because stopping would basically mean to have to take my foot out of my shoe. This was certainly not safe and is not to be recommended!!!

With all that being said, I still had a pretty good ride for a Thursday! ;-)

I guess, I have a date tonight with my cycling shoes, a screw driver and some WD40... Awesome!

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