Sunday, April 1, 2012

Month in Review: March

What a great month it was!!

We had some jam packed weekends with some kicka$$ workouts and also put the first race of 2012 in the books.

With the longer rides in preparation for the half ironman distance coming up, we also discovered new routes and new places... Possum Kingdom SC for example:

I also had sort of a break through track workout that made me very happy:

We kicked off the race season in Parris Island:

And then drove over to Charleston to pre ride the half ironman bike course:

In the last week of the month, I also hit my goal weight after really buckling down on my nutrition for a couple of months.


On a different note:

Remember the one resolution that I had for 2012?

No new gear purchases.

About that... I think, the end of the first quarter of the year is a good time to confess. I was good in January and February, but then all the good intentions came tumbling down in one swoop.... But I can explain!

Nike Beanie with Ponytail Hole:

Nope, can't explain that one away... Other than it was one sale (50%) and has a hole in the bag to stick your pony tail through and I just thought that was way cool!

Timex Watch:

Well, I finally got myself a lap watch for the pool after I was once again unable to tell my coach what my splits for the workout were.... Or how she puts it: "Kathrin shows up at the track without a watch." Touche! From here on out, I will know if I am going "fast" or "faster" in the pool!

Aero Bottle:

On my roadie, I was able to carry four bottles. On my tri bike, I was only able to carry two bottles... With rides getting longer and temperatures getting warmer, two bottles just didn't cut it anymore. I chose the aero bottle set-up over a butt rocket option, because I am hoping that it will help me to do better in the hydration department.

Pro Compression Socks:

It was a deal and I am living in compression socks and sleeves right now with all the volume going on!

Woolie Boolies:

And last but not least, I found two pairs of Woolie Boolies on the clearance table at Great Escape (we had some pedal trouble). Those are my most favorite socks for riding and running in the winter.

This was it... It's far from "no purchases", but it's much better than I am usually doing... I am especially happy, that I didn't get more clothes... well, if you don't count socks and hats as clothes... Oh my, I am doomed!

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  1. were these at least from the deal chicken coupon?? haha. let's tighten it back up in april, shopaholic.