Thursday, April 5, 2012

Follow-Up on "The Bet"

Remember the bet?

In short: Terry is going to go vegan for a week and if he makes it, he'll get a hedge trimmer.

The week was up on Sunday and on Tuesday, my husband bought himself his new hedge trimmer... despite some "accidential" consumption of animal products (no meat, but cheese, milk & butter that was in some of the things he had) during the "vegan" week.

What I have learned out of this: Don't just make a silly little bet while walking the dog... No... sit down and write down all rules & regulations for the bet, otherwise there will be new hedge trimmers in your garage.

Funny, how that happened.


On a more serious note: Going vegan shouldn't be taken lightly and also brings the need to educate yourself. Sure, there are 5,000 definitions out there and every person in the end has to decide on what is their definition of the vegan lifestyle is in questions such as:

  • Is honey vegan?
  • Is sugar vegan? I would have never questioned this one, if Wendi hadn't commented on the original post, that bone char is being used in the sugar production. I had no clue!!
Quite honestly, because I never considered a vegan diet for myself, I never even thought a whole lot about these things... And Terry didn't either... I don't think he had a clue what he was getting himself into.

So while he stayed fairly vegan (I bet every vegan reading this, is cringing by the thought of something being "fairly vegan!), I don't think, he fed himself properly with enough calories and enough protein during that week. It all culuminated at our Sunday afternoon swim, when he finished the swim utterly exhausted. Sure, we did have a big weekend in the books and we were both tired, but I do believe that this state of utter exhaustion wouldn't have been reached if he had fueled himself properly. After the swim I was at the point of saying, screw this stupid bet, get your hedge trimmer, I don't care anymore... Just eat properly!

Have you every tried to go "vegan"??
How do you make sure to get enough protein on a vegan diet??


  1. I only found out about it when I tried to make a vegan dessert - and used sugar whoops!

  2. I have a feeling my husband would have ended up with new hedge trimmers if we made a bet like that too! And i think its funny that Terry wanted hedge trimmers ...Ryan has been itching for them for a looong time...we just havent had a bet yet so he could get them!

    I've never tried to go vegan...still seems sort of restrictive to me and I dont do well with restrictions.

    1. Same here... Restrictions don't work out for me.

  3. I think you should try to make as many rules as you can next time so he can't get what he wants...LOL!! Is he going to try doing it again or just a 1 time thing?

    1. He might try to do that again... maybe not with going vegan... But it's going to be much harder for him, next time.