Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bridge Runs

If you have ever been to Charleston SC, this is a familiar sight.

I love the bridge... I think it's just so pretty!

Back in 2009 (pre blog), I ran the Cooper River Bridge 10K. That's one of the biggest 10K's around the country with close to 40,000 participants every year. I don't like big crowds. They make me nervous.

For the half, we stayed at the Mt Pleasant Red Roof Inn. The hotel is half a mile away from the bridge foot/ bicycle path. I was planning on running anyways, once we get to the hotel, so what better way to get your last run in before a big race than visit this beautiful sight? And don't have to share it with 40,000 other people!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera on my Friday run... So of course, I had to return on Sunday to snap a couple of pictures... Friday it was blue skies and Sunday... it wasn't. Darn.

Just like Rocky, but on the top of the bridge instead the top of the stairs.

While I thought it was crazy to even attempt to run on Sunday morning, I am glad we rolled ourselves out of bed and got in a couple of miles. I felt so much better right away.

Recovery is going well so far.

I have done easy swimbikerun workouts every day since Saturday. No intensity and pretty short workouts, but just tried to keep on moving.

The soreness is pretty much over at this point and all that is left to do is to also mentally recover and refocus.

I may be still high from the race, but I am exciting to see what the rest of the season brings.

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  1. I love reading your blog! It makes me happy!