Monday, April 16, 2012

Ta-Ta-Ta-Taper Time


You know it's taper time when..

... you have actually time to do your laundry.... and clean the house and organize stuff.

... laundry doesn't accumulate at the speed of light.

... you have the time and the patience to book hotels for a two week road trip along with doing research about activities do to each day and also map out the driving time between each location... after a friend wrote the complete itinerary for the trip.

... you have the patience on top of everything in the previous point to also find out when the sun sets on our planned day at the Grand Canyon North Rim, so I can call for dinner reservations at the Lodge to see the sunset over the North Rim from there.

... you start to fuss about last minute race details like: what kind of hydration system will be taken on the run course (handheld, race vest?), how you will put all the food on the bike, since the pockets on the tri top are smaller etc etc.

... you have the time to give the dog a shower.

... you are out on your bike and your legs start yelling at you whenever you try to push the pace just a little bit.

 ... the last two digit run you did before the race was simply a slog fest.

... somebody has time to put the new hedge trimmer to work.

... somebody else had time to re-pot plants.

 Last week, I put in another 13 hours of swimbikerun. This was the last week before taper. Normally at this point of training, I am just ready for taper, because so much stuff has been accumulating and I am just mentally ready for it. This time around, I was fine and thought that I have still something left in the tank. That was until our bike ride Saturday. That didn't feel so hot and neither did the 10-miler on Sunday.

We already had much less on tap than the previous weekends, so we got a ton of stuff done (see above) that should have gotten done for a while already. Oh well.

All that is left to do now, is getting a couple of shorter workouts in, figure out the last couple of race logistics, rest up, eat well and get this show on the road.


  1. Have fun with the taper weeks, sound like you got alot accomplished already. I always find it hard not to do more when I taper since I'm so used to doing more.

  2. So excited for you and can't wait for your race!

  3. oooh you're gonna have to share your summer itinerary with me - i might have to copy it for our own trip out there one day. haha.

    i find that i'm even less productive during a taper... i am just not cut out for housework. and yes i'm counting "loading the dishwasher" and "throwing clothes in the wash" as "housework". pathetic.