Saturday, December 31, 2011

Month in Review: December and 2011

So here we are again.... Another year over and all is left to do is tally up one more time and then move on.

December has been a pretty good month. Especially the days off were enjoyed very much. I discovered CrossFit and was really enjoying. In fact, Terry and I both enjoyed it so much, that we signed up for another month of good hard fun! ;-)

Unfortunately, I strained a neck muscle last Tuesday doing a push press and had to sit out for a couple of days, but I'll be back in the box Monday and can't wait!

Everything else this month was so so. It's my last month of off season and I certainly didn't stress much about missed workouts.

This has been quite a year too!

It's been pretty sweet to have put in more miles in all three disciplines in 2011 compared to 2010. I even beat my running mileage and that was quite a surprise. But with that, there was also not a whole lot of time for anything. Good thing I like swimming, biking and running (sometimes).

Just in time for New Year's, I also signed up for all my triathlons in 2012. Here goes nothing:

Parris Island Triathlon - 3/17/2012
TryCharleston Half - 4/21/2012
Lake Murray Triathlon - 5/6/2012
Festival of Flowers Triathlon - 6/10/2012
Paris Mountain International Triathlon - 8/4/2012
The Dam Tri - 9/30/2012
Hickory Knob International Triathlon - 10/13/2012

The season highlight will be my first half Ironman distance in April.

Resolutions? Really just one: Break my gear habit and don't buy anything new in 2012! Exceptions: Something breaks (e.g. Garmin), wears out (e.g. running shoes, tires) or is on super sale (under 10 bucks for clothing).

All is left to say now: Have a wonderful evening and get into the new year safe and sound!


  1. Great improvement over 2010 - 2012 is going to be a Great year for you!!

  2. haha. nice stipulations to the 2012 resolution ;)

    happy new year!