Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

It was another weekend filled with workouts, but also filled with fun... And household duties, but oh well... It's all about balance! ;-)

Saturday started with sleeping in. What a novel idea! Due to the forecasted downpour Saturday morning, we decided to just stay low in the morning and then head out for our planned 55 miler around noon.

Well, it was a little later than noon, but we eventually made it out to Donaldson Center for a Happy Cow loop that I found on By the way, that site is a great resource for rides that can easily be uploaded to your Garmin device and even has turn by turn directions.

We had a 2x 10 mile time trial on tap for this ride and this loop was very well suited for this type of workout. Most of the course is gently rolling and the winds left us alone too, which was quite a relieve from the windy rides we had lately. We also rode through the little town of Possum Kingdom, SC... Only in the South! ;-) As for the time trial efforts: Both were a 18.8 mph average. STOKED about that one!! Can't wait to hit the flat roads on Parris Island in two weeks and leave it all out there! 20 mph average, I am looking at you!

When we got home and pulled the car into the driveway, we saw a bunch of buzzards sitting on the lawn and then looked up and saw even more buzzards sitting in the trees and the saw even more circling over the house.... Creepy... And of course, I had to share that on Facebook and since my cooking skills are sort of known, this is what I got back:

In the evening, we were invited to the Malone Coaching annual party. Finally the opportunity to hang out with my favorite workout buddies, without the actual hassle of getting the workout in! ;-)

So we had the chance to dress up a little. This is a "challenging" in triathlon land when you only every see the people in bike helmets and sun glasses, visors and spandex, swim caps and goggles... You hardly recognize each other in real people clothes! ;-) When not chatting, I was diving into the buffet... The ride earlier left me a little hungry.

Sunday morning, I thought it probably wasn't such a smart idea to eat cheese dip and dessert and beer with a ten miler on the plan. Especially with all the stupid tummy trouble that I had lately. But the run will get done and to fuel it properly and hopefully without making the tummy angry, I came up with this creation:

Don't judge until you have tried it: Banana and almond butter mashed together on toast. It's actually pretty yummy and it fueled my run perfectly. No tummy troubles whatsoever!!

I hit the bunny trail for a 5 mile out and back run and besides a couple of hefty gusts, it was actually a very pretty day for a run and when I was done, I actually felt like I still had something left in the tank!

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  1. I've never heard of possum kingdom and LOL at the FB comment. I love your shirt!