Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunrise Track

Lately, I was complaining and then complaining some more about my running. But funny things happen, when you finally have a good run: A track workout all of sudden doesn't sounds too bad anymore. Especially, if you have some mile repeats on tap where the speed was defined as "recent 5K pace" and I have a brand new and shiny and faster than in a long time 5K pace.

The 4.30am wake-up call (I apologize in advance if somebody feels offended by my wake-up time! ;-) came and I felt like a truck rolled over me. These early mornings never get really easy, but I also know that it's not going to happen at all if not in the morning. Especially with the heat, humidity and thunderstorms in the afternoon right now.... And I am also planning a bike ride this afternoon with co-workers... If it doesn't storm!

By 5.10am I was on the track and warming up... Normally, this is a group thing, but Coach skipped the track today, so I knew that most likely nobody is going to show up. While I do prefer the group workouts (even if I am always the slowest on the track), it worked out quite good today. This way I could start even earlier and still complete the workout without having to scramble in the end to make it to work on time.

All in all, I got 7.5 miles in before breakfast and no matter how much it sucks to get up this early, the feeling afterwards is priceless.

For the fun of it, I actually recorded a time lapse video, but of course can't upload it from work, so I hope to do that tonight sometime.... If I still feel up to it after doing hill repeats on the bike on Paris Mountain... YAY for the rough days*, they make the easier days seem easier!

Okay, lunch break is over... Gotta get back to work.

*The day of track in the morning and bike hill repeats in the afternoon is totally self inflicted due to some mechanical issues on the bike last night... Oh the joys of bike mechanics, never a dull moment.


  1. I managed to forget again about Wednesday workouts ... Whoops!

    But it always feels glorious to get a run in before work, especially a workout-run.

  2. I totally agree - although it sucks to get up early, the feeling afterward is just priceless! Go you!